Treasures of the Ocean

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Photo by: Pap Réka

Treasures of the Ocean

Indian classical dance

Dancers: Anna Antal, Krisztina Kunvári, Mihaela Leat Leblanc, Tamás Németh, Veronika Németh, Kincső Pethő, Panni Somi, Fatime Szécsi-Berron, Zsófia Vesztl, Antónia Zboray 

Music: Szabolcs Tóth 

Text: Benedek Péri 

Props: István Oldal 

Costumes: Etelka Csekő 

Choreography: Panni Somi 

Funds: NKA

A long time ago, in the mythical times of India, the world was destroyed by the ocean; all its values were swept away and lost. The eternal rivals, the gods and demons lost everything they had possessed and became mortals. They have decided to churn the ocean to get their lost treasures back, including Amrita the beverage of immortality. Some of them succeeded and some of them failed. An Indian dance drama about an old though still current topic, a lesson to mortals before the ocean floods the world again and swallows its current values.

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