The Lord of Time

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Photo by: Pap Réka

The Lord of Time

Indian classical dance

Music: István Lerch

Sets and props: István Oldal

Costumes: Etelka Csekő

Choreography: Panni Somi

In many stories the notions of time and death become identical. In India, this is Kala; time and death, which plays with people lie a naughty demon. Only the highest divine power, Shiva, is able to teach Kala a lesson, only Shiva is able to control Kala. He attempts to reduce Shiva’s power in the form of the God of love. Shiva flies into a rage and the fire shooting out from his third eye burns up the body of the God of Love, whose plot does work in the end. Shiva falls in love and finds his worthy female partner. But instead of losing his power, this only increases his might. The unity of male and female powers restores the balance and the order of the world.

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