The Fairy of the Wonder Tree

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Photo by: Pap Réka

The Fairy of the Wonder Tree

Indian classical dance

Music: István Lerch

Text: Benedek Péri

Sets and props: István Oldal

Costumes: Etelka Csekő

Choreography: Panni Somi


Once upon a time there was an Indian king who reigned happily until once, after dancing himself into tiredness, he had a dream. In his dream he sailed the sea, out of the sea grew a wonder tree and on that tree he spotted the most beautiful girl who had ever lived. From that moment on he could not think of anything else but his dream and the wonderfol girl. He neglected his kingdom, hi did not find happiness in anything and he did not enjoy dancing any more. He decided to set off and find the fairy of the wonder tree from his dream...

An Indian fairy tale about dream and reality, different worlds and about eternal love.


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