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Photo by: Pap Réka


Indian classical dance

Sets and props: István Oldal

Costumes: Etelka Csekő

Music: montage, traditional and classical Indian musical etudes, also using pieces composed by Sándor Fekete Kiss and István Lerch for the company.

Choreography: Panni Somi

20 years is a longtime in the life of a dance company. The initial years are transparent and simple; everyday life is determined by regularity, development, and objectives. And then life becomes more and more complicated and many decisions have to be taken. As if we lived more life at the same time. The life of a community brought together by a distant culture. A language that has become completely natural, as we understand each other from hand gestures. The memories build something new from kaleidoscope like fragments, and the result can sometimes be distorted and sometimes surprising, and very often just beautiful... Smarana... memory. There is no time, no past and present; only images, moods and shreds of memories that turn into the future.

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