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Photo by: Pap Réka


Indian dance drama

Puppet artist: Zsófia Vesztl

Singer: Katalin Burns

Music: István Lerch

Sets and props: István Oldal

Costumes: Etelka Csekő

Choreography: Panni Somi

The most famous adaptation of the story of Shakuntala is by the Indian playwright Kalidasa, who lived around the 3re century. This was the first Indian drama that reached Europe through various translations.

The first English translation  appeared in 1789, which was followed by many adaptations in various European languages, until finally the story found its way into the ballet La bayadére. The piece itself is the romantic drama of Dushyanta the heroic king and Shakuntala, an innocent girl raised by hermits…

Unearthly joy and deepest sorrow, farewell, exile, battle, freely passing between the worlds of the gods and men are all mandatory elements of a genuine Indian story.

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