On the Road

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Photo by: Pap Réka

On the Road

Hungarian-Indian Dance Poetry

Performed by Antónia Zboray, Kincső Pethő, Krisztina Kunvári, Anikő Major, Leat Leblanc Mihaela, Virág Réka Túri, Lilla Péri, Panni Somi
Object animation: Zsófia Vesztl
Composer: Szabolcs Tóth
Musicians: Balázs Virágh, Marcel Bakai, Balázs Rabóczki
Props: István Oldal
Costume: Etelka Csekő
Directed and choreographed by Panni Somi

Since time immemorial and since the world came into being, the question has always been the same: from where, to where and why? Where is the world going, where is the soul going, where do we come from and where are we going? These elementary but difficult to answer mysteries preoccupied the poets of ancient India in the same way as the Hungarians who translated, interpreted, and processed their poems and philosophical texts. Poetic giants such as Lőrinc Szabó and Sándor Weöres interpreted the atmosphere and the deep wisdom of ancient Indian texts with extraordinary sensitivity.

On the Road is an Indian dance journey that goes from somewhere to somewhere...

"God lives, God is Your Spirit:
this reality that has no death,
this universe, this light vapour:
This is You...”