Karma, the Game of Life

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Photo by: Pap Réka

Karma, the Game of Life

Indian classical dance

Music composer: István Lerch

Props: István Oldal

Costumes, sets: Etelka Csekő

Directed and choreographed by: Panni Somi

The framework of the ballet is a paréour game of Indian origins, which teaches LIFE itself in compliance with traditions.It cannot be played by just anyone, only those that the master of ceremonies consider suitable. The game cannot be given up, cannot be half-played or taken lightly.

The game is not fair, not predictable: sometimes it is fun, sometimes annoying and baffling but always exciting and thought provoking. Each PLAYER reaches the finishing line providing he realises that the real goal is the game itself. It depends on the decisions of individuals as to what kind of experience they will have in the game. However it should be noted that the game itself is a living being. It makes decisions, has feelings, can be influenced and often, indeed, is unpredictable.

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