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Photo by: Csilla Zelkó


Indian dance pictures

dancers: Veronika Németh, Antónia Zboray, Kincső Pethő, Krisztina Kunvári, Tamás Németh, Mihaela Leat Leblanc, Virág Réka Túri, Lilla Péri, Panni Somi 

puppet artist: Zsófia Vesztl 

composer: Szabolcs Tóth 

musicians: Márton Bakai – violin, Endre Kertész - cello

props: Judit Szántó, István Oldal 

lights: Ferenc Payer 

costumes: Etelka Csekő 

photoes: Dániel Balogh, Krisztina Kelló 

animation: Gergely Turáni 

choreography: Panni Somi, Virág Réka Túri, Tamás Németh 

production: Panni Somi 


What does a dance company do when they accidentally find a few old frescoes in their dance studio? The answer is simple: They will create a new play.



Virtual travels, virtual exhibitions, online guided tours have all become part of our lives, but can an artwork really reach us if its only on a screen? How real is an imaginary journey? Dance movements stiffen in the sculptures, paintings come to life in dance. The stories, destinies and emotions enclosed in the frescoes tell tales to those who can understand them…