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Photo by: Pap Réka


Indian dance pictures

Amrita: Kincső Pethő

Marie Louise: Antónia Zboray

Composer of the non-Indian music items of the play: István Lerch

Sets and props: István Oldal 

Costumes: Etelka Csekő 

Choreographed and directed by Panni Somi 

Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-1941) was the most significant woman painter of early 20th century India, an artist of great beauty, intelligence and complexity, who has attained iconic status in India and abroad. Born in Budapest (Hungary) to a Punjabi Sikh father and a Hungarian mother she spent her childhood both in Hungary and in India. 

Demonstrating a rare talent she was sent to Italy (the school she detested) and finally to Paris where she soon found her place in the centre of its artistic life.

She drew inspiration from European painters but found her artistic vocation only in India painting its people, its landscape and colours in a definitely new style that, after her tragically early death, was regarded the base of modern Indian painting.

The acts of the play span her short life of 28 years. It is a story told by dance and gestures and through the artist's letters and diary entries. This play with the turmoil of colours, passions and cultures, dreams and memories pays a dancing tribute to this extraordinary artist.

The actresses and dancers are all Hungarians who are all trained in the performing arts of India. The technique of the performance, in correspondance with its topic, is partly European and partly Indian, forming a bridge between the artistic conceptions of the two countries.