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photo: Pap Réka

Sivasakti Kalananda Dance Theatre

(Sivasakti Kalánanda Táncszínház)

Panni Somi’s company


The Sivasakti Kalananda Dance Theatre was founded in 1997 in Budapest by Panni Somi. Its dancers are all trained in the classical Indian dance Bharatanatyam besides other performing art forms like classical ballet, comtemporary dance styles, acting and acrobatics. The Dance Theatre is dedicated to the theatrical presentation of Indian and universal themes based on the Indian dance techniques of its performers. The repertoire of the group consists of traditional Indian dance items, dance-drama pieces, traditional Indian folk dances and contemporary theatre plays.

Apart from the theatre shows and stage programs the Dance Theatre organises cultural programs of various themes.

Bharatanatyam dance classes are also available for all age groups and all levels.


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photo: Réka Pap